3 Reasons to Have Your Car Stored When You Won't Be Driving It

13 July 2017
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When you purchased your car, in all likelihood you assumed that you would be driving it regularly. Circumstances can change, and you may have a vehicle that you are unable to drive for awhile. Auto storage could be a great option as having a car that just sits around could cause you some financial problems. Here are the three main reasons that auto storage could be beneficial and aid you in keeping your car without issue.

1. Avoiding Parking Tickets

Some drivers live in neighborhoods that have off-street parking. Although these motorists don't have to get authorization to keep their cars parked on the street, they may need to move them periodically. Street sweepers may come through to rid the roadways of debris or utility companies might come out and designate no parking areas so that they can perform maintenance. Whether you are not around to move your car or simply aren't able to turn it on, you can end up with multiple, expensive parking tickets. Keeping your vehicle in auto storage completely absolves any parking ticket problems you could face.

2. Your Vehicle Won't Be Towed Away

When you don't drive your car regularly you don't tend to go out and check it on a daily basis. If your vehicle is parked in front of a business or a homeowner who doesn't want it there, you could find that your car has been towed because someone assumed that it was abandoned. After that, you will need to find out just who has towed it and where it is being stored. It could take days for you to finally track your vehicle down, and then you would be responsible for paying a large fee to get it back. Lastly, you would need to figure out where you could park your car safely so it doesn't get towed again. Auto storage guarantees that you will know where your car is located at all times and it won't be towed to an expensive car lot.

3. Vehicles Are Safe In Storage

Cars that sit in auto storage are well protected. You won't have people trying the door handles in an effort to get in and your vehicle's exterior won't be vandalized. Expect to get your car out of auto storage precisely the same way that you left it, and continue to go about your daily business without worrying that it has been towed or ticketed for being parked in the wrong spot. You can arrange for auto storage for a month or several years, knowing that it will be perfectly safe where it is.