Tips For Properly Storing A Refrigerator In A Storage Unit

31 May 2016
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A lot of people rent storage units to free up space in their homes, and these units are ideal for storing almost anything you may own. Appliances are a common item people place in storage units, but there are steps you should take before you place any type of appliance in a unit. If you have a refrigerator to store in your unit, you may want to follow these tips to help keep it safe and clean while it is inside the unit you rent.

Defrost The Unit

The first step you should do when preparing your refrigerator for storage is empty it out completely and unplug it. When you do this, the coolness will slowly wear off, and the water inside the device will drain out. To speed up the process, open both doors on the device when you unplug it.

Be prepared to find a puddle of water next to the device as it defrosts. This is normal, which is why you may want to place some towels around it to absorb the water that comes out.

Another step you should take is to disconnect the water line from the device if it is connected. After the device is defrosted, try to drain any remaining water out of the line attached to the device.

Clean It Thoroughly

When the refrigerator and freezer are completely defrosted, your next step is to clean both areas as thoroughly as possible. Any remnants of food will attract bugs and rodents while it is being stored, and food left inside can also cause mold to form. If this happens, you will find a very dirty and smelly refrigerator when you return to get it, and you can avoid this issue by cleaning it out.

As you clean it, use a small razor blade, if necessary, to scrape any food debris out of the device. Remove all the drawers and shelves from the unit and scrub the entire device with a cleanser that kills bacteria and germs. Clean each shelf and drawer out as well. Once you are finished, dry the device out with paper towels.

Store It Properly

When you have completed the cleaning process, your refrigerator will now be ready to be moved into the unit. When you move it, you can leave all the shelves and drawers inside the device, but you may want to tape the doors shut. By doing this, you can prevent the doors from flying open as you are moving it.

Once you get the refrigerator into the storage shed, you should set it in place, remove the tape, and open both doors. Keeping the doors ajar will allow air to flow freely into the device, and this will prevent the device from developing a stagnant smell while it is in the unit. If children will have access to the unit, you may want to remove the doors completely. This is a safety precaution that would prevent a child from getting trapped in the device. If desired, place a sheet over the refrigerator to protect it from dings, scratches, and dust.

Place Baking Soda In It

Finally, you may want to consider placing an open box of baking soda in the refrigerator before you leave. Baking soda will trap humidity and odors that enter the device, and this will help keep your refrigerator smelling fresh the entire time it is stored in the unit.

If you are planning on storing appliances in a storage unit, it is important to take all necessary steps and preparation to keep the appliances in good condition. If you are interested in learning more about storage units, contact a facility in your area today, like Colfax West Self Storage.