4 Things You Can Do To Make Moving Your Office More Convenient

2 May 2016
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People tend to be creatures of habit, so moving your office to a new location can have an impact on your employees' overall social structure. Each individual's routine is sure to change, which can challenge even the most confident person's security levels when it comes to their career. So it's important to take steps that will help make the move more convenient and comfortable for everyone involved. Here are four easy methods and techniques to consider incorporating:

Color Code Your Boxes

To ensure that your office supplies, paperwork, and other important resources are easy to find after the move, color code all of your packed boxes based on what is inside of them. For example, all of the boxes with client files in them can be coded with brown, office supply boxes can be coded with red, and kitchen accessories can be coded with yellow. Use stickers or permanent markers to code each box as it's packed. It's a good idea to provide each employee with markers so they can code boxes that are packed with their own personal and work belongings. This will give them some control over how their things are packed and enable them to find their stuff with just a glance once it is delivered to the new office.

Invest in a Storage Unit

Because it will likely take time to find a home for all of your office belongings and to get everything organized, consider renting a storage unit for a month or two during the transition. You can line the unit's walls with utility shelves and fill the shelves with important office paperwork and files that will be needed during the move. Assign one or two employees to manage the storage unit and to fetch and store things when they are needed by your staff.

Maintain a request form that employees can fill out when they need paperwork from storage so your management team knows what they need to retrieve when they're scheduled to go to the unit. You can start transferring everything from the storage unit to your new office once the place is set up and you've made space for it all.

Move Your Staff in Groups

Instead of moving all of your employees over to the new office at one time, move them in groups to help maintain company organization and productivity. Send senior staff over first so they can spend a week preparing the work spaces and break rooms for use by the rest of your employees once they arrive. Send the rest of your employees to the new office once everything is in place and functioning as normal. This should help minimize any confusion or stress may arise as employees get used to the new atmosphere. This process will also give the last employees that move over a chance to button things up at the old office and make sure that nothing important is left behind or improperly handled.

Have Stuff Moved After-Hours

You can make the process of moving less stressful and more productive for everyone by hiring a moving company that is willing to move your belongings after business hours and once your employees go home. Your employees won't have to worry about working around movers in the days leading up to your move, which should help keep them on track when it comes to completing their tasks. And with all the hustle and bustle of moving being done after-hours, employees will be able to maintain some normalcy around the workplace even on the last day in the old office and the first day in the new one.

With these tips and tricks under your belt, you should find that your employees make the transition to your new office easily and get back to optimized production levels quickly once they're settled in. For more information and ideas, contact a local commercial moving service