Say Goodbye To Mold And Mildew: How To Protect Your Belongings From Moisture Damage

17 November 2017
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If you're going to be putting your valuables in storage, the last thing you want is to have it destroyed by mold and mildew. Unfortunately, if you're not careful, that's exactly what you're going to be faced with. Excess moisture inside the storage unit, can lead to significant growth of both mold and mildew. Mold and mildew are particularly harmful to clothing, paper, photographs, and wood furniture. Although they can do significant harm to appliances, as well. Read More 

3 Reasons to Have Your Car Stored When You Won’t Be Driving It

13 July 2017
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When you purchased your car, in all likelihood you assumed that you would be driving it regularly. Circumstances can change, and you may have a vehicle that you are unable to drive for awhile. Auto storage could be a great option as having a car that just sits around could cause you some financial problems. Here are the three main reasons that auto storage could be beneficial and aid you in keeping your car without issue. Read More 

2 Tips On Keeping Your Items Safe In A Self-Storage Unit

11 May 2017
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If you have items that you have to put into a storage unit, you want to know that they will be safe and in the same shape they were when you put them in the storage unit. There are some things that you can do that will help that happen.  Raise the Boxes One thing you can do is to make sure that the boxes or items that you put in your storage unit stay in good shape is to raise them up off the floor a little bit. Read More