3 Ways to Get the Most from Your Moving Company

29 April 2016
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Whether you're moving to a new house or moving your office to a new location, a moving company is probably going to be a necessity. A good moving company can make your move a breeze, and your items will arrive quickly and safely, with a low likelihood of anything being broken. The movers will  also load the boxes into the truck and bring them into the new location for you. Some will even pack for you, for an extra charge.

Your moving experience is largely what you make it. It's based on your own needs and preferences. One thing that is universal to moving, however, is the desire to save money. Here are three tips you can use to get the most out of your movers.

1. Move at the Right Time

You wouldn't think the time you move would make a difference in the cost of movers, but it does. According to Money.USNews.com, movers are in high demand at the beginning and end of each month. This is the time when people's leases end and they sign new ones. The movers can charge more during these times because they get booked up so quickly. If you are able to arrange to move in the middle of the month, the movers won't be as busy. This means they won't charge you as much. Even if you only save a small amount, every cent counts when you're moving.

2. Supply Your Own Boxes

While you can buy boxes from your movers, these are generally more expensive than if you purchased them elsewhere. You can buy boxes cheaply at office supply stores, hardware stores, and even on Craigslist or eBay. Some companies will even buy the boxes back from you when you're done with them.

You can also find boxes for free, if you know where to look. Stores of all kinds have many boxes that their inventory arrives in. You can go into a store (a grocery or retail stores are best) and ask an associate for apple boxes, etc., and they will usually give them away if they haven't been crushed in the baler yet. 

The post office also has Priority Mail boxes in the lobby of most branches, and they can also be bought online. These boxes are free, and you can take as many as you need for moving. If you keep them after you move, you can use them for mailing packages, with the convenience of being able to address the boxes at home.

3. Sell as Much as You Can before the Move

Some movers charge flat fees, but these are rare. Most moving companies charge by weight. This means that the more you can cut down on the things you need to move, the less you will pay. Whether you have a garage sale or use Craigslist, get rid of everything that you don't need, especially heavy items.

An excellent strategy to use is to sell your furniture and heavy appliances before you move. When you arrive at your new location, you can buy new things. Using the money you earned from selling things will normally at least ensure you break even on the deal. Plus, with the money you will save on moving costs, you may even come out ahead.


Moving can be tricky. Planning it takes patience and careful consideration to make sure everything falls into place in perfect order. In addition, the actual moving of your belongings is a significant part of the expense of moving. However, if you start your planning early and follow the tips listed here, you will get through your move smoothly and save money while doing it. When you're moving, every cent counts. Make the most of your money by practicing smart moving strategies, and your move will be a pleasant experience for you. Contact a service like Smith Dray Line for more information.